Optional Extra is an Australian based multimedia group founded in March 2017 by a few friends who love gaming and pop culture.

Our goals are to produce fun high quality and entertaining content primarily covering video games on the YouTube channel and Twitch! You can find reviews, impressions, retrospectives of our favourite games and more with content releasing every week of the year!

Optional Extra is evolving as we learn. We’re still adjusting and working out ideas, and finding what we truly want to be.

Meet the guys who put in the hours, who have a yes we can attitude to a very specific level of effort. The writers, the editors, and the other guys.

Mitchell Booth – Editor In Chief

Overly ambitious is his mantra. Our resident tech-obsessed PC gamer who has been broken down by years of running guilds in World Of Warcraft. Mitch does everything! He reviews, complains, designs graphics and single-handedly saved Gotham City.

Russell Collom

If it’s a video game, Russell knows all about it. During the day he is an unassuming civilian, but at night he vigilantly goes through the latest gaming headlines to bring only the best news to the the Optional Extra community and adding to his vast pool of Medleys.

Jordan McCorriston

The less optional, optional extra, Jordan is here to play the best and the worst for your enjoyment. He was forged in the Abyss where you can also hear him as a guest where he often has something unexpected to say.

Bryan H. – Co-Founder

Smooth southern drawl, years of editing experience and a successful run of small taco stands, Bryan has none of these. What he does do is serve as editor for the site and the Optional Extra board of ethics. Between the mentions of MTG and cosplay, you’d almost think he’s qualified to talk nerdy.

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